Staff and operation costs

Personale e costi di esercizioOne of the great advantages of Madagascar is the fact that the cost of labor is among one of the lowest in the world.

So it means that is certainly possible to have many people at your service.

Currently employed in the villa are :

Mes. Etienne: caretaker-gardener- handyman is on duty 24/7. Salary € 57 / per month.

M.lle Aurely: a female cook on duty six days out of 7. Salary: 36 € / per month

Personale e costi di esercizioM.lle Medina: maid service six days out of 7 from 7.30 to 12.00. Salary € 25 / per month.

On the site there are specialized expertise (electricians, plumbers, mechanics, carpenters, etc.). at a cost of 6 € per day, while the supply of unskilled work is listed on 2 € a day.

(Note: that the above values are at the above average)

From this it is easy to see how the costs of management/maintenance of the villa are derisory!


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