The Ile Aux Nattes Island

L'isola di Ile Aux Nattes

Ile Aux Nattes is a coral island with 1300 population, long 3 km and wide just over one.

The name derives from the name of a tree that still provides a valuable wood used in construction because it is particularly resistant: The Nanto. This wood is still highly sought after for its strength as well as for its bright red colour, so that’s why  the Malagasy name of the island is ”Nosy Nanto.

The vegetation is particularly lush in all seasons and it is not hard to find wild orchids in the forest with particular purple endemic orchid of Nattes IleAux.

The population is mainly devoted to fishing and small trading, although some small rice fields are still cultivated in the inland of the island mainly for local consumer.

L'isola di Ile Aux Nattes

Ile Aux Nattes island is located so near to Sainte Marie only 140 meters, comfortably reached in pirogue at all hours of the day and night.

The most beautiful beaches and the most searched coral reefs by the divers are at Ile  Aux Nattes… such that all the hotels are located in Sainte Marie with excursions by  boat to Ile Aux Nattes.

The beautiful village where is concentrated the majority of local inhabitants is located in the center of the island on a small hill, from the villa there is a path that will take you to the village in only 10 minutes walking or cycling.


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