The passage of the whales

There are few sites in the world where you can be possible to observe the passage of whales.

Ile Aux Nattes and Sainte Marie are famous for this.

Passaggio delle balene a Ile Aux Nattes

The extraordinary aspect in the case of the villa in question is that the sight can be from land, the passage of the whales and their calves is close to the coral reef which is only 100 meters from the private beach!

Any story will give you an idea of the emotions to this experience in a lifetime!

After the sight of the whale you get on board the boat or pirogue and reach the site and pay tribute to this incredible natural phenomenon.

Passaggio delle balene a Ile Aux Nattes.

Every year in June, July, August and September many whales come to give birth in the protected arm of the sea very quiet for the total absence of sharks and danger.

In October, with the arrival of the first warm, our friendly whales migrate with the smaller towards the south pole to feed… and then come back to us on time for the next year!.


Passaggio delle balene a Ile Aux Nattes

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