The Pirates and… their loves

“You can ‘resist everything except temptation”

Oscar Wilde

L'Isola dei Pirati

The island of Sainte Marie is known in the worldwide as the island of pirates. Here in 1700 the island became the haunt of a wide band of pirates and buccaneers Portuguese, French, Dutch, British and Americans. The visit to the homonymous cemetery, located in a spectacular setting, is an experience not to be missed.

The recent discovery of remains of fast ships used for boarding and several international projects purpose of seeking the fabulous treasures makes this island even more exciting.

L'isola dei Pirati

BUT THERE’S MORE’! Reviewing the history of the settlements of the pirates and their love is clear that the choice of “location” was determined by two factors. The first was definitely determined by the ease assaulting of the merchant ships that were en route to Europe or to the Cape of Good Hope, but was proven a second and perhaps strongest motivation: the beauty and charm of island women!

L'isola dei Pirati


Many pirates and buccaneers in fact have started a family by joining the beautiful queens and princesses, this has giving rise to local mestizo dynasties which still can be seen somatic traces.

But the beauty of women of Sainte Marie combined with a free and disinhibited style of behaviour continues to exist.

Beautiful, funny, charming and disinhibited are incorporated in the beauty of the island… and frankly a temptation!