Activities and entertainment

The main activity at Ile Aux Nattes is…

Divertimento a Ile Aux Nattes

And for those who ask this question… “but what do you do over there?”:

trekking, whale watching, observing the lemurs, biking, quad excursions or off road, swimming, snorkelling, sailing, diving and scuba diving, fishing from boats and from shore, deep sea fishing, canoes and Madagascar canoe Trips, boat rides to Sainte Marie, parties with friends, participate in local ceremonies (fete de Zebu) and social life…

To be stressed out… then threw your self on a hammock!

Divertimento a Ile Aux Nattes

Ile Aux Nattes is a quiet island, but in the evening… meet for a pizza at the “Petit Traverse, or dinner with Olivier in” Chez Regine (Sambatra) for a beer at the Bar de la Marine for a folkloric show in the hospitality home of the “Baron” or a “aperò” (a drink) at your neighbors Villas.

But …! On Saturday night the whole village can meet in the only night club of the island to celebrate the: “Casa Bebe” and I guarantee you it is an experience not to be missed!

For those who love the night life there are other intense alternatives during the whole week as “Casa Nonò” or “Afotabé” or “Apollinà” three clubs that offer a wide variety of entertainment in Sainte Marie.

Divertimento a Ile Aux NattesIf you are “single” it will not be difficult for you to make friends with local people, we assure you might not suffer from loneliness!

Many Vazaha (Europeans) have also found in Madagascar, a young and loving companion who has made their life more complete and satisfying.

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